Your Birthday Sign Through Time

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Author: Rochelle Gordon Nadia Stieglitz : Edited by
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Seven world-renowned astrologers present Your Birthday Sign Through Time: with this extraordinary resource you can:
  • Learn how astrological and historical factors influence your destiny and personality.
  • Investigate more than 1,300 astrological profiles covering each sun sign for every year from 1900-2001.
  • Understand how the passage of time has influenced each of the zodiac signs.
  • Unearth your own astrological family tree.
  • Realize your personal strengths, challenges, and compatibilities.
  • Discover your potential for Love, Luck, Drive, and Ambition.
  • Unlock the secrets of your personal Mystical Card.
  • Identify your true Chinese Astrology Animal Sign and Element.
  • Locate astrological profiles for more than 30 cultural icons.
  • View over 900 photographs of major events in world history.
  • Explore the astrological events that shaped the twentieth century. 
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