Yikes! Wow! Yuck!

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Author: Elizabeth Snoke Harris; Nora Thompson (Illustrator)
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Hard Cover
Yikes! Wow! Yuck! Fun Experiments for Your First Science Fair
Kids are participating in science fairs earlier than ever--and what better way to get them started than with this exciting new guide designed especially for younger children? It’s part of Lark’s successful Science Fair program, and it makes fairs fun, accessible, and educational for early primary grade students. In addition to a super "Official All You Need to Know to Do a Great Science Fair Project” section, this fully-illustrated collection features 25 curriculum-appropriate activities to choose from, plus guidance on how to perform experiments, analyze the data, and draw conclusions. And kids will love the projects, which include preserving jack-o-lanterns, studying the domino effect, making fruit and vegetable dyes, spinning eggs, and doing some rubber-band bungee.
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