Working for the Devil

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Author: Lilith Saintcrow
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Dante Valentine's working relationship with the Devil began on a rainy Monday. Dante's a licensed Necromance, one of the best ever to survive training, and she's got an emerald embedded in her forehead to prove it.

That's why the Devil sends his minion to hire Dante to kill Vardimal Santino, a fugitive demon. As Dante points out, Necromances don't kill people, they bring them back; or at least their ghosts. But turning down Lucifer isn't something you do if you want to stay alive, and besides, it turns out she's got a score to settle with Santino. Desperate to track down an enemy she can't find, Dante is bonded with a demon familiar she doesn't trust and a small band of psychics who seem almost as determined to help her as she is to refuse their help.

The thing is, Dante doesn't need friends, she needs a miracle. Because the first time Dante Valentine met Santino, she almost died.

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