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Laurel was found as an infant on her parents' doorstep in a basket. Although she's grown up not knowing where she came from, or who her true parents are, she's lived a normal life - until the day she wakes up to discover that a flower has bloomed in the middle of her back. 
Laurel is a faerie, placed with human parents because they own land that holds a sacred entrance to the faerie realm. As Laurel learns more about her true faerie background, she finds herself torn between two loves - a human, David, who has stood by her as a friend and confidante, and Tamani, a handsome faerie who is exciting, passionate, and able to take her back to her faerie roots, should she choose to go with him. This fairytale soon becomes a nightmare when Laurel finds out that trolls - centuries' old enemies of faeries - pose a threat to both her human parents and the faerie world. She enlists David and Tamani to help figure out a way to save both her parents, as well as the gateway to Avalon.
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