Why Italians Love to Talk about Food

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Author: Elena Kostioukovitch; Umberto Eco (Foreword by); Carol Field (Foreword by); Anne Milano Appel (Translator)
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An award-winning and thoroughly delicious cultural romp around Italy!Why Italians Love to Talk About Food is a fascinating mix of history, culture, language and cuisine. Covering each of Italy's 20 diverse regions, along with chapters on general themes such as olive oil, Slow Food, and the Mediterranean diet, it is a gastronomic-cultural guide. Award-winning writer Elena Kostioukovitch shows how each region's traditional cuisine and local specialties have been informed by its culture and history, its exposure to foreign influences, its geography and landscape, its topography and climate, its social customs and attitudes, its religious canons, its politics and economy, and more. Food is a common language which crosses the most diverse social and economic strata. In the end it is Kostioukovitch's love for Italy itself, even more so than its food, that is her muse and inspiration.

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