What If My Cat?

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Author: Claire Arrowsmith; Francesca Riccomini

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The authors combine helpful practical information with a large supply of good humor in this detailed analysis of feline traits and behavior, and discussion of problems that often accompany cat ownership. Many cat owners who appreciate the value of having one or more furry feline friends around the house might occasionally become vexed when they have to put up with badly scratched up wooden furniture, feline bird-killing forays into the neighbor's backyard, bringing home a dead rodent, refusal to eat, or other little challenges that their cat might present them with. These and many other behavior problems are discussed in a series of more than 160 clearly numbered and humorously illustrated entries. More than just another pet manual, What if My Cat . . .' tells both cat owners and soon-to-be cat owners the facts that other cat books leave out. The authors also present question-and-answer tables filled with expert advice in clear, jargon-free language. Color photos and illustrations throughout.
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