West End

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Author: Laura Van Wormer
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A popular new TV network called DBS installs its broadcast center in Manhattan's wealthy Upper West Side, and those who work both in front of and behind the cameras try to build their careers amid passion, power, and broken promises. 

Jason Darenbrook- Dashing media tycoon. A Southern Ladies' man who gambles his family's empire on the alternative news network.

Cassy Cochran- Gorgeous president of DBS. She knows how to woo the affiliates and win the ratings game. But at night she sleeps alone.

Jessica Wright- Outrageous talk-show host. Everyone's talking about Jessice, whose personal life is even more sensational than her prime-time show. 

Alexandra Waring- Anchorwoman extraordinaire. She's risen from local reporter to the woman all of America is watching. She's glamourous and ambitious, and her life away from DBS is falling apart. 

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