Weirdly Beloved

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Author: Cynthia Ceilán

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Inspired by the romantic misadventures she's witnessed in her own family, Cynthia Ceilan takes us jauntily through real-life stories about love: what demented things we do in the name of love, the wildly unusual choices people have made in their selection of a mate, and the joys and horrors of saying goodbye to a relationship that has long overstayed its welcome. In her fact-finding mission to write this collection, Cynthia Ceilan began in the bowels of her own family history, which always seemed shrouded in mystery. There she discovered a treasure-trove of delightfully wicked secrets, which she blissfully shares. She then extended her research to include a broader community - her neighbourhood, her city, her country, her planet. Each chapter introduces the general topic in a concise, personal essay, followed by dozens of short tales, as reported in newspapers and magazines from around the world, including numerous firsthand accounts.

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