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Author: Jim Harrison
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Hard Cover

Nevertheless, in the story of Johnny Lundgren, known as Warlock, the author of the much acclaimed Legends of the Fall tells a grim tale of crime and vengeance set in a framework of mythic simplicity. Johnny Lundgren is an employed foundation executive literally hauled off a sleepy northern Michigan farm to confront a foe no less evil than Holme's Professor Moriarty, a foe who embodies perverted sex, drugs, greed, and the destruction of the social contract. Warlock's wife, the fabled Diana, is less than helpful, findng herself sunk in the evil her husband combats. Warlock pursues his enemies from the haunted wilderness of Michigan to the undersides of Palm Beach and Key West. In a way, he does battle with the earth herself, whose vast, globy body has never been known to smile.

It is for the reader to smile-or rather, laugh-at Johnny's outrageous and  hilarious adventures.

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