Warco Australian Reporters At War

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Author: Pat Burgess
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Hard Cover

Wherever in the world there is a war, rebellion or political unrest, over some disputed barricade you will find an Australian reporter.  Once Irish reporters distinguished themselves on every battlefield; since the First World War these reporters are , more likely to be Australian.  

In WARCO Pat Burgess, himself a distinguished War Corrospondent, takes a look at how Australian reporters came to their pre-eminence.  He writes of their techniques and the frustrations they suffered in battle.  Quoting extensively from their reports, often filed in the heat of the battle, Burgess examines the issues and attitudes that a host of newspaper, wire-service and television reporters have had to face: objectivity, loyalty, the "headquarters"  version of battle and censorship, including the danger of unthinking self-censorship.

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