Wanamurraganya The Story of Jack McPhee

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Author: Sally Morgan
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Wanamurraganya is the story of Jack McPhee an itinerant station and mine worker from the Pilbara region of Australia. As Jack McPhee says "I see it as the story of a working man, and I think working men who read it will understand because they know the struggle. Then I also see it as the story of Wanamurraganya, the son of a tribal Aborigine.  Then again, it's the story of a man who is fighting with being black and white.  A man who chooses not to live in the tribal way because the Government won't let him.  I could go on and on, because what I'm really saying is, it's the story of many people, and they['re all me!" Sally Morgan met Jack McPhee, her grandfather through Aboriginal kinship, when she travelled North in search of her extended family whilst researching her first book, My Place.

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