Voices from D-Day

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Author: Jonathon Bastable
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Hard Cover
D-Day, June 6 1944, was the glorious turning-point in the Second World War. More than that, it was a pivotal day in human history. On that morning the largest armada ever assembled carried 150,000 men-British, American, Canadian-across the English Channel. Those men set down on a bleak and heavily fortified stretch of the Normandy coast, where they fought to end what Churchill called 'the new dark age' of Nazi domination.All the men who came through that day had a story to tell: the soldiers, sailors, and airmen, but also the people of Northern France, the politicians and planners, the army clerks and factory workers. Voices of D-Day is their account of that great undertaking and is the story of events leading up to D-Day itself and the aftermath. On each page participants in the events tell in their own words what they did or saw. Here, for example, you will find Churchill telling how he pleaded with King George VI to be allowed to watch the landings in person. But most of the voices in this book belong to ordinary men and women. Voices of D-Day contains new accounts from archives and many new interviews with people who were there. It is a close as most of us will ever come to hearing about these events first-hand, making it a unique and timely piece of popular history.
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