Villa Fortuna: An Italian Interlude

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Author: Geoffrey Luck
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Written by a respected journalist, Villa Fortuna: An Italian Interlude is the story of Geoffrey Luck and his wife, two Australians who decided to leave their comfortable Sydney life and move to rural Italy. This enthralling memoir covers their last ten years, from their initial decision to move, to finding and renovating a property, to eventually becoming a part of the local community.

Divided into sixteen chapters, this memoir also provides a fascinating insight into the Italian way of life. Personal events such as the renovation of the 'ruin' the Lucks bought, the establishment of their olive grove, and dealings with the Italian medical system are combined with information on local culture and history so that the reader develops a comprehensive picture of life in rural Umbria.

The author brings the beautiful Italian countryside to vivid life! The text is beautifully written, always entertaining, and gently humorous. Villa Fortuna: An Italian Interlude is the perfect afternoon's read for anyone with a yen for Italy or things Italian.

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