Victor Kennedy --- Collected Works

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Author: Marina Cavill (Editor)
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For over thirty years, Victor Kennedy proved, through consistent campaigning for the works of other Australian writers, a progressive force in our developing  literature. As a critic, and as a popular speaker at literary societies, he won a high reputation for keen insight and sane judgements. He kept his own creative work in the background, yet newspaper and magazine publication has shown him to be a gifted literary critic, short story writer, observant recorder of historical tales and travel sites and by no means a negligible poet. The bulk of Kennedy's work appeared in newspapers, journals and magazines scattered throughout Australia and has never been able to be viewed as one body of work. It has therefore been difficult to get an overall view of the variety, versatility and skill of this writer. For the first time a comprehensive selection of literary essays, verse, short stories, historical essays and travel articles written by Kennedy over 30 years has been collected into one volume. here will be discovered a collection of works which ought not be lost, and some of which appear, in originality and beauty, destined to endure. Some of the works included are published for the first time; others have been reprinted from newspaper and journal articles published throughout Australia.     
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