Venice Art & Architecture

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Author: Giandomenico Romanelli

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Hard Cover

1997 2nd Edition

Publisher - Konemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

Covers are hard bound with black cloth blocked with gilt lettering.  Excellent condition.

Dust Jackets are present.  Glossy Finish.   Excellent conditipn.

End Papers are intact.  Inside front and back covers are black.

Preliminaries - Vol. I Frontispiece, Foreword, List of cintebts - Volumes I and II.  Vol. 2 Frontispiece, List of contents Volumes I and II.

Main Text Body -Volume 1 : 1-457 Pages.  Volume 2 : 469-891.  Fine and Clean.  Photographic illlustrations by Piero Codato and Massimo Venchierutti.

End Matters - Appendix, Glossary, Bibiography, Index, Photographuc Credits, Acknowledgements.

Edges on both volumes are even and unworn.

Spines are tight with no gutter damage.  Gilt lettering on both volumes.

Page Structure is sound with no missing pages on both volumes.

This large scale work provides the reader with a comprehensive history of Venetian art as expressed through its architecture, sculpture and painting.  The first volume is devoted to the artistic history of Venice from its beginnings in the Lagoon region, even befoe the emergence of Venice as a name, to the sixteenth century.  The second volume of this comprehensive and generously illustrated history of Venetian art explores the period from the seventeenth to the tweentieth centuries.

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