Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-terrorist Mission

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Author: George Jonas
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Hard Cover

Profound shock greeted the news of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Appalled by its sheer horror, and acting upon the wave of international sympathy that followed, Golda Meir decided that the time was ripe to strike at the very heart of Palestinian terrorism.

A crack team of agents was selected and trained to track down and kill those in higher echelons of the PLO responsible for this and other recent atrocities. Vengeance gives a true account of this awesome operation, of how the team set about their task, with ruthless application - and shows the paradox that results when those in power, in a desperate bid against terrorism, resort to the very tactics of their enemies.
Awner was an agent of only twenty-six when he was summoned out of relative obscurity and asked to head the specialist Israeli team; his main qualifications appeared to be nerves of steel and a natural talent for leadership. The unit set out to establish their base in Europe, with a brief to sever all operational links with Israel and with unlimited funds for arms and information at their disposal.
This story of this mission is compelling. We follow the team as they trace and stalk their targets; we were caught up in the drama of each precisely timed execution; we watch the inevitable blunders and twists of fate which finally brought the entire operation to its close. Awner's ultimate loss of faith in the mission, and his refusal to return to Israel after it was aborted, mean that he is now a hunted man, wanted by terrorists and counter-terrorists alike. His anonymity must be preserved at all costs but his story, well documented from many sources, is too remarkable to remain untold.
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