Unknown Means

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Author: Elizabeth Becka

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Hard Cover

'The woman's body had been posed. She sat upright at her kitchen table. Mesh straps held her shoulders and waist to the high-backed wooden chair; the same straps had been used to strangle her. Raindrops hammered the windows, extra loud in the sudden quiet and as Evelyn leaned toward the body, she got close enough to catch the scent of fresh death.

When forensic pathologist Evelyn James is called out to the penthouse of a beautiful Cleveland heiress, she discovers the young woman's body, violently strangled and left in a life-like pose, a priceless diamond necklace carefully arranged about her neck.

Despite the most exclusive security system money can buy, there is no trace of the killer's deadly visit to the scene of the murder. It's as though the murderer is a ghost, capable of walking between walls, untraceable - and unstoppable. As the terrified inhabitants try to go about their daily lives, the killer stalks, undetected through the corridors. When another young woman from the building is brutally attacked, Evelyn knows she must unravel the mystery of the unseen killer, before it's too late.

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