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Author: Ian Wilson
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Hard Cover
For the last quarter of a century we have aimed our high-speed computers and gleaming technologies at the moon and the stars. Only recently-with the discoveries of the Titanic, the sixteen-century English warship Mary Rose. and the Whydah, a pirate ship sunk off the coast of New England-has twentieth-century science worked its near-wizardry on the on the unsolved mysteries beneath the clouds, the waves, and the earth itself.
In Undiscovered, Ian Wilson marks the paths towards the lost worlds within this one:
  • the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
  • the lost land of Atlantis
  • the tomb of Herod the Great 
  • the grave of King Arthur
  • Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind ( not to mention his missing corpse)
  • the treasure of Homer's Troy 
  • the frozen remains of Henry Hudson and his seventeenth-century expedition to the New World
  • the bodies of Mallory and Irvine-the lost climbers on Mount Everest
  • and many, many more
With maps and photographs, Ian Wilson reveals not only the promise of treasure and fame to be dug from buried places, lost graves, and silt-covered ships but also the very real chance of recreating the past-putting flesh on the brittle bones of history. Here are discoveries yet to be made that offer the possibilities of rewriting old chapters of history and opening up entirely new ones.
Undiscovered is proof that our earthbound adventures are far from exhausted. We now have the knowledge and technology to meet the great challenges that still lie before-and beneath-us.
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