Typographics Five

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Author: Roger Walton
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Typographics 5, the newest volume in the best-selling Typographics series, is a collection of the most creative design work from around the world, with an emphasis on magazine design. In the last three years, a rapid expansion of this publishing sector has led to some of the most groundbreaking graphic design, challenging and widening the traditional boundaries of the magazine itself. Magazines are published on paper, in all manner of formats and using a wide range of specialist printing and binding techniques. Magazines are published on the web and include film clips, filmed interview, and live interactive events. Magazines are published as a combination of paper and disk, featuring both audio and visual information. Never before has magazine design been so creative, driven by the need to attract attention in an increasingly crowded market place. Typographics 5 celebrates this graphic diversity in a collection as essential as the previous four.
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