Two Men in a Trench 2

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Author: Tony Pollard; Neil Oliver
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Hard Cover
In their second campaign of investigations into British battlefields they visit six major sites, ranging in date from the medieval period, with the battle of Bannockburn, right up to the twentieth century, with the exploration of the battle of Britain airfield at Hornchurch.  (Bannockburn, Sedgemoor, Edgehill, Killiecrankie, RAF Hornchurch - The Battle of Britain 1940 and the Big Guns of World War II at Dover and Calais.) 

These now peaceful fields once echoed to the sounds of conflict: the clash of arms, the cries of men and the roar of the engines of war. Using archaeological techniques, which are really the closest thing we have to a time machine, they travel back to these bloody episodes in British history and shed new light on the darker side of our past.

In every sense this work is ground-breaking - digging provides many a vital clue, but these projects also represent the first archaeological investigations on sites which, although until now ignored by archaeologists, have played such a pivotal role in defining who we are today.

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