Tractors --- (Historical view of the of the modern of modern tractor)

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Tractors features the fascinating histories of todays major tractor manufacturers. What was it that spurred these pioneer farmers on, pushing them beyond the boundaries of their own capabilities, to create the kind of machines we see farming today. What kept them going through the hardest days of the Great Depression, through plagues and famine, and how did they understand just what farmers wanted?

The stories that are told here, give some insight into the lives of these courageous and sometimes ruthless pioneers. It was they, who helped to create machines that you see in the fields around today.

Day after day, season after season, carrying out their work come rain or shine, to help grow the products that we take for granted when we go shopping.Next time you visit the supermarket, look around you, and ask yourself just how many tractors, on how many farms, in how many countries around the world, would have helped to produce the products taht are on the shelves.
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