Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban

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Author: Jorge Castillo; Glenn Lindgren; Raul Musibay; Marty Snortum (Photographer)
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The Three Guys from Miami have done it again with 100 ALL-NEW delicious Cuban recipes that will definitely get you in a party mood!

These festive recipes are perfect for ALL occasions: The Three Guys know that when you eat Cuban food, EVERY meal is a celebration. That's why "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban" is NOT just a party book! Although this book is built around a Cuban party theme, the recipes are just as easily made for everyday eating. In fact, most of the recipes are simple and easy to prepare for some great lunches and dinners at home.

Even if you're not in a party mood, you can treat yourself and your family to a delicious meal. The recipes follow the spirit of their first book, "Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban," with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that make creating spectacular dishes a snap.

When you do want to party, why not try a Cuban-style party? Cuban parties have always revolved around food and oh, the food! Huge platters of tender roasted pork, plates of crispy yellow tostones, bowls of black beans cooked to perfection in a thick aromatic stew, tall glasses of tropical drinks, trays of sweet desserts, the tang of citrus and garlic in the air... Are you hungry yet? We thought so. As the Three Guys say, "Party when you can, but always eat well!"

The Guys pair their amazing recipes with cultural anecdotes on all things Cuban and colorful photography that captures the food and soul of Miami.

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