This is Gail

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Author: Gail O'Brien; Juliette O'Brien
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Life with and after Chris O' Brien - by his wife and widow, Gail. In 2008, Chris O'Brien published his memoir of his battle with brain cancer, Never Say Die. But he wasn't the only person in the O'Brien household with a powerful story to tell. His wife - and now widow - Gail has gone from being a surgeon's wife and mother of a picture-perfect family to a single woman in her mid-50s, grieving not only her husband but also her son Adam, who died as a result of epilepsy a short time after Chris's death. In addition to coping with a public and private loss, Gail has taken on Chris's legacy as steward of his Lighthouse cancer centre. She's navigated the politics of boards and committees where people behave very badly. She's gone back to work as a physio after being out of the workforce for 25 years. She has reinvented herself and found that she can survive and even thrive in a world without her soul mate. When Chris was alive, Gail was the great woman behind the great man - now she's stepped out and is standing on her own two feet.
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