The World's Greatest Railways

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Author: Christopher Chant
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This extensive guide introduces the world's railways and traces the extraordinary development of one of the most effective transport systems in the world. The book identifies the early pioneers of the 19th century, when steam locomotion, driven by ingenuity, innovation and true entrepreneurial spirit, was developed into the world's first passenger-carrying railway. It then examines the modern developments of passenger and freight trains such as the Fiat Ferroviaria and British Intercity. With chapters on locomotives, passenger trains and freight, this insightful volume then explores transit systems of the world and the eventual decline in use of the steam engine; it recounts the cost in money and manpower of the steam locomotive, and also addresses the environmental issues that still exist today.Illustrated with over 600 pictures, The World's Greatest Railways depicts how an explosion of technical ideas and economic demand led to the rapid development of railways throughout the world, and the creation of one of the most-loved and iconic forms of transport. 
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