The Wellness Book Victoria

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The Wellness Book Victoria showcases nutritious cafes and juice bars; yoga, dance and fitness studios; organic grocers, and healthy recipes that are sure to leave your tastebuds tingling and bodies freshly fuelled. With a focus on nutrition – including contributions from published researchers and experts ¬– the book serves up recipe ideas, information on superfood ingredients, and tips and tricks for the kitchen, such as keeping those juicy tomatoes out of the fridge to preserve their natural flavour. Many of Victoria’s wholesome eateries are featured with their signature recipes, such as Ayomo’s delicious Dragon Fruit Superbowl. Moving on to mind and body, in-depth insights are shared by some of the state’s top experts including Rob Jackson, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Melbourne Football Club, Professor Dorothy Bruck from the Sleep Health Foundation, and Associate Professor Craig Hassed and Dr Richard Chambers, among others. The book demonstrates that wellness extends beyond the gym door, providing renewed awareness of where products come from. It explores organic grocers and boutique food delivery services, as well as herbal teas and organic skincare, to truly help you welcome healthy living into the home. Researched by Health Services Management Consultant, Kay Fiddes, the book covers many elements of a healthy lifestyle including workplace wellbeing, the benefits of owning a pet, step-by-step yoga poses, our previously untapped unique seaweed species and nutritious Australian native plants and foods. For rest and recovery The Wellness Book Victoria delves into divine hot springs, incredible infrared saunas, floatation tanks and meditation studios.

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