The Peppa Pig Collection

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There are 4 Peppa Pig books in this collection, they include:

Peppa's Christmas Wish:

Will Peppa's Christmas wish come true? Join Peppa and George for some Christmas magic!

Peppa Meets the Queen:

Hip Pip Hooray! The Queen is going to award Miss Rabbit a medal for all her hard work. What will happen when Peppa and her friends go to the palace too meet Her Majesty?

Fun at the Fair and Peppa Goes Swimming:

In this flip over book, two books in one Peppa and family have some summer fun at the local swimming pool slashing around and enjoying themselves. 

And in Fun at the Fair, Peppa and family have a fantastic time together on all the funfair rides and sideshows and the big ferris wheel. "Hooray!" Everyone cheers. "We love funfairs!"

All About Peppa Pig:

This book is all about Peppa Pig as she  introduces to us all the fun things she loves to do with her family, like dressing up in a costume  as everything, jumping in muddy puddles, spending time with granny and grandpa and especially dinner time. "Yummy my favourite!"And then a bath and she has so much fun she doesn't want to go to bed. But she always enjoys a bedtime story. "This is the best book ever!" Of to bed now Peppa Goodnight. 


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