The Ultimate Book of Unsolved Mysteries

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Author: John Pinkney
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Baffling Murders, Bizarre Vanishings, Strange Visitors. This unique volume contains some of the most important cases John Pinkney has covered over a lifetime. His classic stories are arranged into nine sections: Dark, Deadly and Never-Solved; Haunting Encounters; UFO: The Truth is near; 'Menace' of the Mummies; The Sea's Strangest Mysteries; People Who Saw the Future; Against All Odds: The Riddle of Coincidence; Sinister Fates; Vanishings. Unsolved Mysteries not only contains many of the author's most intriguing cases, but also features 10 fascinating new reports, including Eerie Omens of the 9/11 Massacre, Tales of Three Time-Travellers, The Lost Coin that 'Chased' an Australian soldier, and The Ghostly Drum.

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