The Turning Point

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Author: Freya North
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The unputdownable, tear-jerking new novel from Freya North.

Frankie Shaw is a single mum in pursuit of a fresh start. Moving from London to a small town in Norfolk with her two teenage kids will do them all good, she thinks, with dreams of seaside life filling her head. But the reality is harsher -- isolated and struggling with writer's block, Frankie regrets her decision to move her family to a run-down town that sits uneasily alongside second homes and expensive boutiques. When she meets Scott, a wary Canadian on a work trip, it seems to be a turning point -- the chance of a fresh start. But fate has a twist in store and the real turning point comes when tragedy strikes.

A poignant, engrossing tearjerker, thoughtful and wise on modern family life, on the whims of fate and the importance of seizing happiness with both hands.

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