The Trumpet of Glory

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Author: Ernest A. Gary
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The military career of John Shipp, the first veterinary surgeon to join the British Army.

John Shipp joined the British Army in 1796 as its first qualified veterinary surgeon. Before the outbreak of the French Revolutionary Wars, the care of sick horses was left to unskilled farriers - some of whom could not even shoe their own horses. Their brutal, amateur aproach had earned Britain a reputationas as 'The Hell of Horses'.

Dr. Gray shows how cavalry officers came to realise the stategic advantages of having healthy, well-shod animals. And how the Duke of York, Commander-in-Chief of the army, contacted newly-founded London Veterinary College and instituted this new practoice. Shipp was one of the first graduateds of the College.

Through painstaking research Ernest A. Gray has pieced together John Shipp's remarkable story. He follows Shipp's training and service with the 11th and 23rd Light Dragoons. He saw action against the French in the Low Countries, the Peninsula and at Waterloo. Trumpet of Glory gives a new insight into battle conditions of the day. It reveals the hard and rewarding life of a veterinary surgeon, a pioneer in his own time.

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