The Tiwanaku: Portrait of an Andean Civilization

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Author: Alan L. Kolata
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Hard Cover

This book is an exploration of 3000 years of Tiwanakan history, from the first appearance of their settlement around the shores of Lake Titicaca to their contemporary descendants in the Andes. The author draws on archaeological evidence throughout the region, supplementing this with what can be drawn from later recorded myths and legends. He presents both a narration of Tiwanakan history and an account of the development of their culture, political economy, and insofar as possible, their daily lives. He also describes the development of Tiwanakan architecture and technology, particularly the sophisticated hydraulic engineering used in raised field agriculture.

Illustrated throughout with photographs, diagrams and maps, this book will be the fullest account to date of one of the greatest of the lost civilizations of South America.

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