The Taste of Innocence

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Author: Stephanie Laurens
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In the world of the Cynsters, among the glittering ranks of aristocratic British society, arranged marriages are the norm and love is a potentially dangerous indulgence.

For no gentleman is this truer than Cynster protege Charles Morwellan, the eighth earl of Meredith. He has watched his father's devotion to love nearly destroy his family- and is determined to find a bride before fate finds him. What he has failed to realise is that the woman he chooses, Sarah Conningham, wants nothing less than a love match. She gives him two weeks to prove that they belong together.

Sn so begins an intense courtship. By day, Charlie and Sarah are models of decorum, but each night they steal away to the lush, moonlit gardens, where sensual embraces turn to searing kisses, which soon become much more.

Charlie steadfastedly refuses to let love enter the equation, and it's up to Sarah to convince him that you really can have it all. But it's only when she's threatened by a mysterious villain that he discovers how much he's willing to surrender to protect the taste of innocence.


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