The Stress of Her Regard

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Author: Tim Powers
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World Fantasy Award Winner
Michael Crawford is forced to flee when discovers his bride brutally murdered in their wedding bed. Yet it is not the revengeful townspeople he fears but the deadly embrace of the malignant spirit that is claiming him as her bridegroom.
Crawford will not travel alone; soon he is aided by his fellow victims, the greatest poets of his day--Byron, Keats, and Shelley. Together they embark upon a desperate journey, crisscrossing Europe and battling the vampiric fiend who seeks her ultimate pleasure in their ravaged bodies and imperiled souls.
Telling a secret history of passion and terror, Tim Powers (The Anubis Gates,Declare,Three Days to Never) masterfully recasts the tragic lives of the Romantics into a uniquely frightening tale. Back in print for the first time since 1994, this newly revised edition ofThe Stress of Her Regard will thrill both Powers fans and newcomers to this gripping Gothic tour de force.
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