The Station at Austin Downs

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Author: Jo Jackson King
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When I was a little girl, my Dad would say to me: the sound of rain is the sound of grass growing, the sound of grass growing is the sound of coins clinking in the bank. So from very early, I loved the green months for the soft air and wet ground, the wild ducklings and the tadpoles in the creeks and the calling lambs in the paddocks: but I also loved them for bringing us money. When Jo Jackson King's family decide that they have to move to a remote station in West Australia to survive financially, she is at first reluctant to leave her childhood farm. But she soon discovers that her new life offers many gifts, as well as challenges, as she and her family struggle to establish a peach orchard on their new land, and survive the drought that has swept the country. An uplifting account of the joys and trials of daily life on a station, told with great charm and verve.

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