The Stars Shine Down

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Author: Sidney Sheldon
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

Lara Cameron seems to possess everything that life has to offer. Young, beautiful, a self-made property tycoon unafraid to exploit the advantages of being a woman in a man's world, she has outshone and outsmarted her competitors to reach the pinnacle of international fortune and renown.But the face that she presents to the admiring world conceals terrible uncertainties. For Lara is an enigma, a lonely figure with a secret history. Driven to succeed by a childhood obsession, she has clawed her way up from a past she now wants to suppress.Lara's past - and the notorious reserve that is its consquence - refuses to lie down. In marrying Philip Adler, a world-famous concert pianist who, like her, has sacrificed his private life to his career, Lara is sure that she has fulfilled all the promptings of destiny. What she cannot foresee is that all she has worked for will be suddenly and terrifyingly put at risk, and that uncontrollable forces from the past are bent on destroying everything she has created, everything she values in life.Set across four decades, moving from Scotland and Nova Scotia to Chicago, New York, London, Rome and Reno, THE STARS SHINE DOWN is a magnificent story of passion, intruge, ambition and revenge - Sidney Sheldon at his compelling, provocative best.

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