The Spell Book of Listen Taylor

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Author: Jaclyn Moriarty

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Listen Taylor has just started Year Seven. She and her dad have moved into an apartment with a woman named Marbie Zing. Listen has found a mysterious spell book (including a spell to make a vacuum cleaner break). 

And her friends are about to break her heart.Cath Murphy, primary school teacher, is feeling awkward, quirky, wicked and extremely blonde. As her mother likes to say, all meetings with new people, even locksmiths or seven year olds, can make you a little afraid. Cath has just met a very tall man with a talent for rhymes and a wishful look in his eye. And she's about to meet a girl named Cassie Zing.

The Zing family live in a curious world of intrusions, distractions and state of the art surveillance equipment. Every Friday night they gather in their garden shed and discuss their family secret. Listen and Cath don't know it yet, but they're about to get entangled with the secret.

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