The Short Life and Mysterious Death of Jane Furlong

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Author: Kelly Dennett
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The abduction and murder of teenager Jane Furlong is one of New Zealand's most enduring mysteries. Jane was 17 when she disappeared from Auckland's Karangahape Road in 1993. She was a girlfriend, a daughter, a sex worker, and the mother of a four-and-a-half-month-old baby. Her disappearance made sensational headlines across the country, particularly when it was linked to the sex crimes of a wealthy businessman, and it became known that Jane had been about to appear as a witness at his and another court case.

Although the police identified a number of suspects, no one has ever been charged over Jane's
disappearance. Her body was found in 2012, 20 years later, in sand dunes at Sunset Beach in Port
Waikato. The case gained fresh momentum - but still no arrests.

Court reporter Kelly Dennett became interested after noticing Jane Furlong's mother, Judith
Furlong, sitting alone in a courtroom during a murder trial. Over time she won Judith's confidence
and learned intimate details of Jane's life. She also gained unique access to Jane's boyfriend -
conducting the first media interviews he has ever granted - and her close friends. Police officers
talked candidly about the case and she carried out detailed research into the suspects, focusing on
one man in particular, and eliminating others. Prepare to be shocked and surprised.

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