The Sea File

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Author: Jack D. Scott
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Hard Cover
In the Oval Office a top secret message reaches the President: Climatic changes and insect adaption to pesticides are creating a slow but steady decline in food production. By !990 worldwide famine is a certainty. To avoid global panic, world leaders are guarding the secret. The vast, eternal storehouse of the sea must now become man's primary food source- but a series of dramatic, interconnected events seems to place the sea in jeopardy;

  1. Off Cape Cod a lobster fisherman finds seven male lobsters in his traps- lobsters that dance a macabre ballet, irresistibly drawn by a an unknown substance. They all bear the name of a marine scientist, Allan Vaughn.
  2. In Stamford, Connecticut, an associate of Vaughn's has his head blown off by a letter bomb.
  3. In Warren, Michigan, an industrial spy, working for the Japanese, is killed after revealing that Vaughn has made a marine breakthrough of unprecedented magnitude.
When Vaughn, in turn, disappears, the CIA calls in a rogue agent, Spargo, to find the scientist and his sea file before it falls into another country's hands. For it has become clear that whoever controls the sea file controls all the life of the seas.
But the Japanese want this file too, and have enlisted the ancient assassination cult of the deadly Ninja in their efforts. As Spargo tracks the file from Peru, to the Isles of Shoals, to Cape Cod, where the action finally explodes, the unique plot reveals that oil, gold. even life itself is worthless unless a rational world superpower obtains control of the secret sea formula.
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