The Savage Gorge

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Author: Colin Forbes
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In the heart of London, two young women are found brutally murdered. Tweed and Paula Grey of the SIS, heading up the investigation, find themselves drawn to a remote area of the countryside, ruthlessly controlled by a man known as the Pit Bull.

The local village is rife with gossip about his family, Pit Bull's three unusual children and their grim housekeeper. With Paula at his side, Tweed visits the town of Gunners Gorge, bloodstained by Cromwell long ago, There are more murders. 'Not the work of a serial killer,' Tweed insists. 'I sense something much bigger...'

Who or what is behind this spate of killings? Could the key lie back in London, within a giant oil corporation, hidden away? Tweed and Paula must accelerate their dangerous race to track down the killer or killers. But time is against them...

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