The Rumour Mill

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Author: Roxy Jacenko

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Having braved Sydney's cut-throat PR scene, and established her own successful PR firm, Queen Bee, Jasmine Lewis, aka Jazzy Lou, is back. Just when Jazzy thought she had escaped from her evil boss, Diane Wilderstein, she discovers that she has resurfaced again, and has her heart set on poaching Queen Bee's clients, including an international make up guru, whose involvement with Queen Bee could help land Jazzy on the international map. Jazzy's having trouble at home, too—her husband, Sebastian, is pressing her to relax and take some time off to be with their new baby, Fifi. Their impending nuptials are also causing some strain, due to an over-enthusiastic wedding planner who is paying absolutely no attention to budget constraints. Roxy Jacenko takes you on a wild ride through fashion week meltdowns, client tantrums, nefarious backstabbing, and motherhood. The Rumour Mill is a smart, funny peek behind the glossy facade of the fashion PR scene.

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