The Quite Game

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Author: Greg Iles
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Penn Cage is not stranger to death. As a Houston prosecutor he sent sixteen men to death row, and has watched seven of them die. But now, in the aftermath of the death of his young wife, Penn Cage decides to return to his home town of Natchez, Mississippi - the jewel of the antebellum South - with his only daughter. But any hopes of the quiet life are dashed when he finds that his father is being blackmailed over a long forgotten murder by the killer that he never turned-in and Penn is soon up to his neck in Natchez's dark underbelly of passion, power and racial tension. It is only then that he realises what happened that summer long ago was something far bigger than he could possibly have imagined. Penn joins forces with Caitlin Masters, a beautiful young newspaper journalist, on a quest that will lead from the bayous of the South to the highest reaches of the U.S. Government...

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