The Pleasures of Age

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Author: Robert Morley
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British actor Morley ( Around the World in 80 Days and many other films) spreads joy with this ebullient memoir. In his 80s and retired, he chronicles the 'pleasures of survival,' while not denying its 'aches, fears and pain.' He stresses, however, that elderly people have great advantages over the young, of whom so much is demanded, while he and his peers can relax; happily anticipate each day's sunrise; play with grandchildren; and chat with friends about the newest frozen-food marvels ('Have you tried the salmon mousse?'). Morley speaks fondly of his wife, praises his son Sheridan, the distinguished biographer, his late mother-in-law, the actress Gladys Cooper, and a host of others, without dramatizing his own notable accomplishments. He also quotes the likes of Santayana, Plato, Kipling et al., who agree with him on the pleasures of age.

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