The Perk

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Author: Mark Gimenez
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City lawyer Beck Hardin hasn't been back to the small town in Texas where he grew up for more than twenty years. He has history there. Bad memories.But when his wife dies, Beck decides to return to Fredricksburg with his two children. 

Leaving the rat race behind, he re-enters a beautiful but troubled small town simmering with ancient feuds, class rivalries and racial tensions.As he tries to reconcile with his tough, stuborn father and adjust back to the pace of small-town life, Beck learns of an unsolved case that has haunted Fredricksburg for the past five years. The statue of limitations on the case is fast approaching, and although Beck vowed to leave the law behind him, he can't resist the opportunity to seek justice. 

Yet in taking the case on, Beck has made one of the most dangerous decisions of his life ...

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