The Penguin Century of Australian Stories

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Author: Carmel Bird, Kerryn Goldsworthy
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Hard Cover
This landmark collections brings together the best Australian short stories written in the twentieth century. 
From early bush life, through the Depression and the Second World War, to the fat lane of urban contemporary existence, Australian short-story writers have explored and reflected our national identity and experience. The Penguin Century of Australian Stories represents, in one volume, our finest writers in all their modes: the lively comic fiction of Henry Lawson and Steele Rudd, the distinctive imaginations of Christina Stead and Patrick White, the experimental style of Peter Carey, and the highly lyrical prose of Brenda Walker and James Bradley.
The themes in these stories, selected by Carmel Bird, mirror the concerns of our past and our present, creating a map of the short story in Australia. Celebrating one hundred of Australia's most gifted writers, The Penguin Century of Australian Stories will enlighten and entertain for many years to come.
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