The Other Side of Silence

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Author: André Brink
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All the requirements for long term care facilities' participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs are included: * Section I: Regulations * Section II: Alphabetical Index (comprehensive index of Appendix P, Appendix PP, and Exhibits) * Section III: Survey Protocol (The Certification Process, 2712- 2716) * Section IV: Appendix P, Survey Procedures * Section V: Appendix PP Guidance to Surveyors (in table format with separate columns for F-tags, Regulations, and Guidance so you can see at a glance how each relates to the other) * Section VI: Exhibits and Forms Sections are color-coded for easy reference (white, blue, yellow, and green paper). Detailed tables of contents are presented for Appendix P, Appendix PP, and Exhibits. A comprehensive alphabetical index (Section II) integrates Appendix P, Appendix PP, and Exhibits.
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