The Odessa File

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Author: Frederick Forsyth
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Hard Cover

#1 "New York Times "bestselling author Frederick Forsyth's unforgettable novel of evil personified and one man's determination to destroy it once and for all...
When an elderly German Jew commits suicide, he leaves behind a diary that eventually falls into the hands of young, eager journalist Peter Miller. In its pages, he reads descriptions of inhuman cruelty, torture, and remorseless mass murder committed during World War II by SS Captain Eduard Roschmann--known now as the "Butcher of Riga," and a wanted fugitive. Horrified, Miller vows to hunt down Roschmann and bring him to justice.
But Roschmann is not alone. He is part of something much more ominous: Odessa, an organization of former SS fanatics formed to protect and support its fugitive members around the globe. And they are about to give birth to a new Reich--beginning with a nightmarish plot to regain their former power and carry out Hitler's "Final Solution."

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