The New Encyclopedia of Birds

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Author: Christopher Perrins (Editor)
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Hard Cover
The New Encyclopedia of Birds is the definitive New Encyclopedia of Birdse birds of the world. Entries prepared by a team of renowned biologists and by Christopher M. Perrins, stematic account of every family, covering their form and function, distribution, diet, social ISBN: 0-19-852506-0ding biology. With one-eighth of all bird GBP35.00s now under threat, special attention is given to GBP26.25nmental and conservation issues. The Encyclopedia's clear, readable text is supplemented by a wealth of photographs showing the wide diversity of birds in their natural habitat. In addition, beautifully Dear Contributor, d line artworks depict representative species in each family and highlight characteristic The New Encyclopedia of Birds has recently been published, and as a thank you for your valued help with this project we would like to offer you a 25 per cent discount on the published price. distribution maps and scale drawings, put key data at the reader's fingertips. A fully revised and updated successor to the same editor's acclaimed Encyclopedia of Birds (1990), this comprehensive reference work will appeal both to the amateur birdwatcher and to the student of ornithology
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