The Naked Man Festival --- And Other Excuses to Fly Around the World

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Author: Brian Thacker

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Kooky festivals of all shapes and sizes exist around the world, as illustrated by this humorous travelogue that recounts the dozen most outrageous celebrations the author discovered on his six-month, six-country adventure. In search of the most unusual and wildest festivities, the author was pelted with beans, amazed by giant snow cows, stampeded in a temple full of men wearing nothing but 'nappies,' befriended by alien abductees, and much more while attending a Hogmanay in Scotland, a Tomato Festival in Ripley, Tennessee, a Bean Throwing Festival in Tokyo, and a Vodou Festival in Haiti. The side-splitting stories will inspire readers to attend—or create—peculiar festivals of their own, and on a more serious note, explore and appreciate other cultures.

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