The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

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Author: Lindsey Lee Johnson
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*As featured on the High Low Show podcast*

'I read The Most Dangerous Place on Earth in two chilling gulps. It's a phenomenal first book.'
Anthony Doerr, New York times bestselling author of All the Light We Cannot See

'You might not think that anyone in this School sees you but I do. I mean sees you really.'

Aged thirteen, Tristan Bloch writes a love note to Calista Broderick. He thinks she is perfect. He wants to talk to her. He thinks he loves her. He could help her with her algebra homework. Cally shares the note with her best friend, Abigail, who insists that she shows it to her boyfriend Ryan, who decides to share it on Facebook: and then everyone sees it.

Before long, Tristan takes a morning ride to the Golden Gate Bridge, leaves his bike on the against the rail, and jumps.

Now, Tristan's classmates are seventeen, dealing with tests and affairs with teachers, pressure from parents and going to parties.

These wealthy, privileged teenagers should be the happiest on earth. But the guilt of Tristan's death follows them all...

For fans of Thirteen Reasons Why, Friday Night Lights, and The Bling Ring, The Most Dangerous Place on Earth is smart, compelling and eye opening.

'With a stunning constellation of characters' voices and a fiercely compelling story, it's impossible to put down, or to forget.' - Megan Abbott

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