The Mind Map Book

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Author: Tony Buzan
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This work explains both the fundamental operation of the human brain in terms of its thinking processes and how to unleash and harness its untapped power. It is a comprehensive guide to Mind Maps, a revolutionary method of accessing intelligence, developed over many years by Tony Buzan and his brother Barry. Mind Mapping is relevant to absolutely everyone, as the technique offers new ways of using and improving memory, concentration and creativity in planning and structuring thought on all levels. communities, is to accelerate their ability to learn, remember and record information. A Mind Map's radiating structure, reflecting the natural architecture of the brain, allows rapid expansion and exploration of an idea in note form, resulting in a clear and concise picture or map of all the relevant interlinked points for inclusion in further written matter, presentations and reports. Thus, an idea can be quickly and profoundly explored while simultaneously maintaining clear focus on the central theme.

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