The Melbourne Book Edition 4

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Author: Maree Coote (Illustrator)
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

'The Melbourne Book - A History of Now' first published in 2003, has just enjoyed its third major update. This new FOURTH EDITION features a new cover design (hard cover), new chapters, new tales from Melbourne's short but amazing history, and its ancient Indigenous pre-history. New tales of Melbourne's physical, cultural, architectural, historical and mythical features. New photographs of this ever-changing city. Over 700 photos, over 60 tales of the city. The must-have Melburnian's manual; it's the world's most liveable book. It's all home grown, homemade, indie publishing, and made with love. THE MELBOURNE BOOK celebrates the very qualities that make Melbourne the world's most livable city: Opportunity, Sanctuary, Passion and Beauty. Follow Maree Coote around the city for a journey that will reveal new meaning to those who live here, and make those visiting wish they lived here too.

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